10 habits of women who practice self-care

Women who practice self-care know that it’s essential to their well-being to take time for themselves, and without the guilt. However, there’s a common belief to do for others first and to do for yourself last.

While this belief is certainly encouraging you to be positive and helpful to those around you, women who make self-care a priority are wanting to feel their best so that they can continue to help others when they can (and without the resentment) and experience better relationships as a result.

We succeed when we are feeling energized, and taking care of our mind, body, and soul. Moreover, we thrive when we are happy, and living the life we love. Without self-care, we are neglecting the needs our bodies require to be successful, happy, and productive and be of service to the world around us.

And if you feel overwhelmed and have no energy because of your busy life and don’t know how to put self-care on your list, my advice to you is to pick ONE thing, write it in your diary as an appointment and to do that one thing weekly until it becomes a habit. You really must want to do this to make it happen.

Here Are 10 Habits to Help You Practice Self-Care

1. Manage your stress

Let’s face it, there’s always going to be something to stress about in our lives, so the key isn’t about getting rid of stress, you want to learn how to manage it. Everyone is different, so you need to find ways to chill out and peace out, in your way. Some ideas you could use: Go outside & be around trees to cleanse your energy field releasing it into the fresh air making you feel lighter; music therapy: listen to some soothing and calming music to uplift your thoughts; explore with essential oils such as lavender, and rub a couple of drops onto your wrists and leave a bottle on your desk to inhale; or use heat therapy: apply some heating pads on your stomach or wrap them on your shoulders, or neck to relax the tension from your muscles & do some breathing.

2. Eat healing foods

What are healing foods? Foods that come from the earth that is natural, organic ingredients and taste delicious. I’m not about restrictions, feeling deprived or eating tasteless meals, but I am about upgrading your cravings to the best quality. So if you’re craving a cookie, eat the cookie but with the best wholesome ingredients. And the one thing that everyone can benefit from is adding more raw fruits and vegetables into their meal plans. The raw vegetables & fruits not only provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but also important antioxidants which will help your energy, mood, skin & overall health. This has been a big life changer for me on my healing journey; my skin is slowly clearing & my energy is heading uphill. Start by adding in a vegetable juice, a shot of wheatgrass or a big raw salad every day; it’s the small steps that really do add up in the long run.

10 habits of women who practice self-care
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3. Get beauty sleep

Getting enough sleep is a very important factor in boosting the mind, achieving our goals and has a direct effect on our body & health. So since we know this why aren’t we getting enough sleep? I believe it’s 2 things: 1. we are addicted to our phones 2. time just seems to be flying so we try to squeeze in more work to get more stuff done. My experience is, when I get more sleep I get to be more productive. So what is the solution? I say to keep it simple; early to bed early to rise would be the best strategy to promote good health. To prepare your body to become calm, one hour before bed make your favourite relaxing tea, currently mine is mountain tea (a product from Greece), get comfy in your fav pyjamas, avoid using your cell phone, or watching TV to promote the peace of mind to sleep better, and use satin pillows or sheets with your phone away from your bed.

4. Move the booty

By now we know that exercise helps us stay fit physically, but there’s a lot of mental benefits as well. The link between physical fitness and mental health is uncanny. Both are closely interlinked. You can start by changing your perspective from having to lose weight, or tone it up to having a fit strong body so you can fulfill your life purpose here on the planet feeling energized & strong. The most important thing to remember is to choose something that you enjoy and look forward to. Team up with a friend or partner to help you keep motivated and stick to a regular workout regime. My motto: Everything is good in moderation.

5. Get zen

Meditation can have a very positive effect on our attitude towards life. Take some time to quiet your mind. Just close your eyes. Breathe. Stop whatever you’re doing for 10 seconds and find the silence in between your thoughts. Visit the quiet often. Just for 10 seconds. Keep focusing on your breath. Do this throughout your day. This simple act helps to soothe your nerves and not be in adrenaline mode. When you don’t have that stress response, you naturally become happier, and your digestion works better because you’re in this relaxation mode.

6. Make “me time” a priority

In today’s busy world, we do not get any time for ourselves and tend to ignore our well-being which leads to mental and physical health issues. The easy solution to this problem is to take care of you, not when you get sick. Take out some “me-time” from your around-the-clock schedule and treat yourself with something nice and do not feel selfish about it. Because when you feel good, you’re able to take better care of your relationships and work. There is no specific thumb of rule to take care of yourself; you can plan whatever you like to do to feel refreshed. However, here is a list of things that make most people feel happy. Follow the below steps to take care of yourself and get healthy.

  • Spend some time alone with you, away from the running world, in some calm and quiet place. You can go for a morning walk or anything you love to do while alone. But don’t put on TV or laptop. Just be with yourself.
  • Analyze what you have been doing and appreciate yourself for your achievements and encourage attaining more.
  • Read your favorite book or poetry.
  • Focus your energy on being a beautiful person on the inside rather than always looking outward for beauty.

7. Get connected

Spending time with the ones you love is food for the soul. You feel refreshed and happy when you get enough attention, love and time from those you adore and vice versa. So, to feel more connected and to help your soul feel satisfied, try to maximize the time you spend with your family, your partner, your girlfriends or your kids. Some ways to spend the maximum time with your loved ones are given below.

  • Arrange specific activities that you love to do with your partner or kids. For example, go to a theme park and take rides with your children. Or plan a movie night with your partner. These little trips will help you to stay happy and feel blessed.
  • Always plan if you are usually busy so that you don’t disappoint your family when you are unable to show-up.
  • Try to communicate with your partner, friends, or children one to one to promote feelings of mutual love and respect.
  • Have you told someone lately how wonderful they are? Use positive affirming words to give off positive vibes.

8. Be outdoors often

Staying contained inside the walls of your home all the time and no play makes Jack a dull boy (thanks to the movie The Shining for forever haunting me lol). We don’t want to become like Jack, so spend some quality time outdoors to appreciate & connect with mother nature, and get some fresh air to renew your spirit, revive your energy level, and help you gain a new perspective. Try to get outside every day, even if you have to drag yourself out the door with raw chocolate in hand. Once you’re in nature, take deep breaths and observe the beauty around you. Know that you are a part of nature and that you’re also beautiful.

9. Appreciate your life now

So you’ve heard it before, but it deserves to be repeated; being grateful is the opposite of complaining; when we complain we invite more negativity into our life. When you have genuine appreciation for the blessings that are in your life, you will feel blessed, humbled and happy when you show your gratitude for what you have been given, and open the door for them to continue. It has been said that gratitude is faith in action. Keep a record of the things that you are grateful for in a journal and acknowledge the blessings that surround you. The more you say, “Thank you” the more healing it is for you and the more magnetic you become to attracting sweet surprises.

10. Have an optimistic approach towards life

Women who practice self-care also try to have a positive approach towards life. Start believing that happiness is a choice of your own; it isn’t dependent on any outside forces like destiny, incidents, relationships but yourself. It isn’t always easy to choose to be happy but it’s worth trying. When you stay happy you give off positive vibes and you become a magnet for good things. Relieve yourself from any sort of negative thoughts or negative people in your surroundings. Stop doing things that make you feel bad about yourself or have a negative influence on your thought process and learn to focus on the positive things. When faced with a challenge or difficulty, look on the brighter side of the things and try to solve the situation instead of panicking and thinking you’re worth nothing. A good way of maintaining a positive attitude is to learn to accept you and appreciate yourself for how far you’ve come, where you’re heading and all the improvements you have made.

So those are my favorite 10 habits of women who practice self-care. Which of these habits are you going to try, or are you currently doing?


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