Affirmations help us believe that we have the potential to create what we desire in our life and that anything is possible. Affirmations are positive, personal statements about something you want to come true and are used verbally to affirm our dreams and desires as a done deal.

The idea of using affirmations is to help us feel relieved, reassured, inspired, and empowered that our hopes and desires will become a reality.

I never really believed affirmations because I never really understood them. After reading and learning how the brain works, I decided to put them into action whole-heartedly, and I’m glad I did. It may sound lame, but they have (and still do) really work for me (and my clients). I say them out loud and unashamed.

Our biggest problem in life is that we are our worst enemy – no one can say anything horrible to you because you have said it ten times worse yourself. So you have to learn to give yourself pep talks and look in the mirror to tell yourself how fricken amazing you are. Seems silly but it works.

When you say your affirmations you may feel resistance to them, just push through the hard feelings and keep going! Your brain is trying to rewire new neural pathways, and there must first be some discomfort in the process to change.

Grab this list and take what resonates (or create your own) and have them on sticky notes and place them everywhere – your fridge, bathroom, closet door, car, back of toilet door, on your computer etc.

  1. I forgive everyone that has ever hurt me
  2. I forgive myself
  3. I am a strong, confident, beautiful woman
  4. I am good enough for a healthy relationship
  5. I am enough
  6. I deserve love
  7. I am worthy of my dreams
  8. I am not defined by my past, I have learned many lessons & equipped for better experiences
  9. I believe I am deserving of a fulfilling career and one that pays me well
  10. Every day in every way I am one step closer to being the best version of me possible
  11. I release my sadness
  12. I release all resentments
  13. I release all anger
  14. I let go of the past
  15. I have a strong immune system & boundless energy
  16. I love, respect, and approve of myself just the way I am
  17. I am safe, it’s only change
  18. I deserve the best things in life and I accept them now
  19. I trust God’s divine plan for me
  20. I choose to believe only the best about myself
  21. Money comes to me easily, consistently, and in unexpected ways
  22. My true self is perfect. I am worthy of love because love is who I am. I am in perfect harmony with the energy of love.

I hope these affirmations will help to change the way you view & think about yourself & your life. Say them in the morning, throughout the day and in the evening, and eventually, it will become easier to think the new, positive thoughts rather than the old negative ones & won’t feel like work.

When you do your part, then the brain can do its thing, and then your reality will improve, and things just seem magically better.

Love yourself enough to know you are worth 20mins of your time per day to do the work to replace a belief that does not serve you well.

Happy Affirming!