3 starter steps to manifesting what you want

The law of attraction is no longer a word we hide from our friends; and a conversation starter such as, “What are you planning to manifest?” is welcomed around happy hour. There is so much out there on this topic, which is great, but it can also be confusing and disappointing.

Some people think that manifesting is woo-woo (as I used to), but after much disappointment in my own life with how things were NOT working out, I did some research and learned that it’s actually not a New Age thing. I practiced the tools in my own life and began to discover that this manifesting thing is real, and it works.

Little did I know back in 2004, when I was walking the streets of New York City, cigarette in one hand, a romantic breakup in the other, and obsessively thinking negative thoughts about my ex, I was adding fuel to the fire.

I kept reaching dead-end roads in my relationships, health, and jobs because my way of thinking was not fixing anything, instead, whatever I was focusing on was drawing more of that into my life, and hence why I was continuously experiencing negative patterns.

I was playing victim which was the easy way out and blaming my abusive ex, parents, other people, cities, and situations for the way my life was unfolding. I had no idea that I had control over my thoughts; I thought my thoughts just happened & I couldn’t do anything about it. And I also had no idea of all the trapped emotions I kept within my body that needed to be released.

When I discovered the self-help industry, I learned that I needed to change my thoughts, heal from my past, and take responsibility for my life. This was SO hard for me to accept, how could I take responsibility for my abusive relationship? “Are these people insane?” I thought. I just didn’t want to take responsibility because it was easier to point the finger, and it made more sense.

Taking responsibility for your life does not mean you blame yourself, it means that you are willing to learn from your experiences, connect the dots to your past, heal your heart, become more aware, change your beliefs, and take positive action steps to create an empowered life.

But here’s another secret magical ingredient to manifesting that not many teachers talk about; if we want to manifest our heart’s desires we have to meet God or the universe half way – God can’t do all the magic.

We are co-creators of our life.

You might be thinking, “If I’m a creator of my life, why would I ever want to create a mess of my life?”

Or, if you are currently going through a health challenge, it is only normal to think, “Why would I want to create this illness?” Totally!

If you are going through a health challenge, I just want to say, this is not your fault and I totally understand. During my most challenging health times, the last thing I wanted to hear was that I created it. There are a number of reasons why health challenges come up (that’s for another post). So please be compassionate towards yourself.

Another great example is, when some people who are looking for love are praying and hoping and wondering why Mr. Right hasn’t come along. Meanwhile God is sending them messages that they still need to heal their heart from their ex and release anger, guilt, resentment etc. in order to welcome in their new amazing partner. And this is exactly what happened to me.

We don’t consciously create. We mostly create with our unconscious mind that is tied to our old patterns, emotional wounds, and fears.

My spiritual teacher would say, “Even if it’s a mess, bless your mess because it’s still a creation.”

The best thing about being a co-creator is that we don’t have to do it all alone. Like I said before, you have to meet God half way; you have to clear the weeds, tend the soil, plant the seeds, and water it, but you don’t create the seeds. You just need to take the necessary steps for the seeds to grow.

Easier said than done, right?

I’m going to give you 3 manifesting starter seed ingredients that have worked for me up until this point, as I know them.

1. Define what you want
If you could wave a magic wand, what do you want most in your life right now? Get really clear and specific and write them down on a piece of paper. Your imagination is the canvas and paintbrush of your life. As the saying goes, “If you can imagine it you can achieve it.” Write down positive statements on post-it notes such as:

  • Health: “I am so happy that I’m feeling more energized & getting healthier every day.”
  • Relationship: “Thank you God for my divine love relationship that has just walked into my life.”
  • Self-Care: “I am so excited & grateful that I’m going to Hawaii this year!”
  • Career: “I am so grateful that I’m financially independent doing what I love.”

Once you know what you would like, the hardest assignment is coming…it’s to try and detach from the outcome. You see, we think we know what we want but we always get what we need. So at the end of your intentions/goals write, “This or something better…” You are then giving permission to God/universe to step in and give you what is best for you.

2. Make a dream board
A dream board, also known as a vision board, is a fantastic tool that helps you see your dreams as real and achievable. Grab magazines and select photographs, words, and images that speak to your soul. What you’ll need:

  • Corkboard or white poster board
  • Thumbtacks, washy-tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Magazines

Once you’ve completed your board, hang it somewhere so that you’ll see it daily. Each time you see it stop and visualize your desires as already manifested. Really FEEL your feelings of joy and excitement, and thank God for bringing your dreams into reality.

3 starter steps to manifest what you want

 3. Manifest through feelings
At the end of the day, we are all chasing after a feeling to experience. Whatever goal you are currently trying to manifest, whether it’s a romantic relationship; a job; new home; a vacation; self-confidence; you believe that it will bring you a certain kind of feeling. And one of the feelings that every person desires is to be happy and at peace.

In order for a manifestation to show up in your life, you need to feel happy (or whatever feeling you’re desiring) in your own way now. It’s hard for a manifestation to come to you if you’re constantly stressed, living in fear, and unhappy until you get that very thing you want. Argh.

The more you can be relaxed and at peace in spite of certain circumstances (I know this is challenging), then the more you’ll be a vibrational match to receive that which you desire. So make sure to have FUN!

So, how can you find ways to be happier in your life right now? Get into that vibe!

I hope this blog post is helpful to you in getting started with manifesting your dreams. I want to hear from you, what is ONE thing in any area of your life that you want to manifest? Plant that seed!