8 ways to reboot yourself and feel better

At one point in my life, I had witnessed that my energy was at an all time low. I was on this machine which measures the level of your energy and the practitioner was like, “Are you even alive??” As a result of my energy experience, I delved deeper into the meaning of life force.

Since then, I took small shifts in my daily activities to positively support the energetic direction of my life and things started to shift.

Just recently, I pulled out all of my tools and put myself on a personal 21 day reboot because I was feeling lethargic and unmotivated and I feel SO much better. Hence: this post and where I’ll be sharing some of the practices I re-connected to.

If you’re struggling with your energy, or having a difficult time getting/ attracting/creating what you want in your life, lets begin with energy medicine 101.

There’s many reasons for an energy crisis; sometimes it’s purely a physical thing – need to detox pathogens in the body, better nutrition & supplements, less work, quality of sleep and so on. And other times, it’s an emotional or spiritual issue, or, all of the above.

But, apart from being able to do the things that you want to do in your life, why do you think your energy is so important?

Because your life force determines the quality of your life and your ability to put into action what you desire to come into manifestation. We see and hear a lot about setting intentions, and yes, we do need to set daily intentions so that we have a target, but if we don’t support our energy with these intentions, our manifestation foundation is weak and then so are our results.

Simply put, our physical bodies have an energy field that covers our entire length of body. And within this energy field we have our emotional energy which is made up of our experiences; relationships (present & past), trauma, beliefs, thoughts, memories, spiritual beliefs and so on.

So by increasing your awareness of your emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and healing your heart, you can consciously work on your life force for it to become more irresistible to your desires, feel more confident, and most importantly, keep you healthy.

Have you ever been drawn to someone’s energy? They just shine with this bright, confident, comfortable and positive vibe that you can’t put into words and it has nothing to do with their physical appearance. Simply, this person has attractive energy.

But we don’t wake up and say, “How can I support my energy today?” We just attend to our deadlines, obligations, responsibilities, appointments – and before we know it, life feels crazy and uncertain, we’re in a panic and unsure of ourselves.

And it’s so easy to lose our connection with our Self because amongst ALL the things we have to do in our daily life it feels like there isn’t enough time or it’s not important enough to put ourselves first and attend to our personal needs.

So our self-improvement goals; exercise, eating well, spiritual practice, basically all the things that make us feel better, are pushed to the side.

Maybe right now you’ve gained weight, you’re more negative, you’ve lost your joy or hope, or just feeling “really flat” and unmotivated.

No matter what’s going on, it’s never too to reboot yourself by making small changes every day. And this all begins with managing your ENERGY.

You might be thinking, what about managing my time? We hear this all the time. However, you could have your time organised but if you don’t have the energy to accomplish what you want then what’s the point with time management, right?

For me personally, the reason why I was held back in some areas of my life was not because I didn’t have the motivation or good intentions, I had PLENTY of that, it was because I didn’t have the energy to do what I really wanted to do and be the woman I was designed to be.

So when I discovered and learned through personal experience that it’s not so much managing your time but more so your energy, a lot changed.

Time and energy are not the same. And your energy is going to go where you focus the most, where you’re at with your emotional, spiritual, and physical health, and also, where you’re at in your cycle. Now there’s another thing to throw into the mix.

Have you every noticed that on some days you’re able to get up early, do a high intensity workout, finish that project on time, be kinder to yourself, and on other days it all seems too hard? You can’t seem to focus, you can’t get up early, there’s not enough hours in the day, you want to eat everything, you’re not motivated, and you over criticise yourself?

Well, we’ve all heard the circadian rhythm, however, we also have what’s called the infradian rhythm. According to Alisa Vitti, women’s hormone and functional nutrition expert and founder of FLOliving.com our infradian rhythm affects the brain, metabolism, immune system, microbiome, stress response, and reproductive system.

Simply put, because of our cycle, our bodies and brains are different throughout the month which means that our food, exercise, and self-care habits should be different each week, too. Make sense, doesn’t it?

Has your inner critic ever told you:
You’re just not that person who can master your morning routine
– You’re not disciplined enough to finish that project
– You don’t have the willpower to stop sugar
– You’re not motivated enough to keep up with your workout goals

– You’re too ugly to be in a romantic relationship

If you said yes, then all of these things that you’re being really hard on yourself not only have to do with working on your mindset, trauma, low self-esteem and self-worth, but also where you’re at in your monthly cycle.

Therefore, the ‘everyday cookie cutter’ approach to diet, fitness, work productivity, and your self-love practices might be more difficult on some days for valid reasons.

Have a look at this cycle syncing method and see if it makes sense to you:

As you can see, every week (and maybe every day) is not going to look like or feel the same.

How interesting, right? Even the U.S. women’s soccer team, for example, has trained according to their cycle in order to improve their athletic performance.

So keep that in mind as you go through the tips below.

And the following tips are there to add more pleasure, add more beauty, add more energy, and add more experiences that feel amazing to you. I don’t want it to feel like you have another thing you SHOULD to do.

Okay, let’s do this. I really hope you will find these helpful. Don’t dismiss the simplicity of some of these exercises. They are truly powerful. Building up an attractive life force can take some time and perseverance.

1. Morning visualisation
If you happened to sleep in and skip your morning workout or spiritual practice because you didn’t have a good night sleep or you went to bed too late, whatever the case may be, don’t allow this to mess up your entire day. You can still take a few minutes in bed to visualise a great day ahead and decide what emotion you want to experience that day. It can be as simple as saying, “No matter what, today is going to be a really good day and I choose to feel at peace.” Whatever emotion you choose to feel, put it into your phone as a reminder to go off a few times per day. When your reminder goes off, ask yourself if you’re feeling that particular emotion. If not, choose thoughts and behaviours to feel that emotion and increase that energy in your life. The way you want your emotional energy to be on that day is entirely up to you. Ask yourself; “Am I motivated enough to change my thinking patterns?”

2. Mind cleanse
Take whatever time to journal and vent any emotions that could be bringing you down and stuck in your energy field. Begin with writing everything that comes to mind. Don’t filter or question it or fault yourself, just keep writing everything that you are not happy with. If you need some guidance, ask yourself; “What is stressing me out, making me feel unhappy, and draining my energy?” Whatever is going on, life may feel hard and frustrating and you may be stressing about the things that you hope to come true which is normal – we all have our ups and downs. However, remember, what you focus on the most expands. What you think about the most, comes about. Once you’re finished, acknowledge your thoughts / feelings / emotions and notice how much of your energy is going to these thoughts? Challenge yourself to open your heart and mind to peaceful and empowering outcomes. Tell yourself that you’re learning everyday to let go of worry & anxious thoughts and choosing to engage in positive outcomes for your life.

3. Move It Out
Stretch, move, exercise. I say this all of the time. I know moving your body can feel like a chore which is why you have to change your mindset around your work-outs. Sometimes I really don’t want to workout but I choose to do it anyway because I know I’m going to feel good and won’t regret it later. Also, having had health issues, being able to exercise feels like a gift to my body. So what’s one way of moving/exercising that would feel really good to you? Obviously, you’re not only reaping the health benefits but you’re moving stagnant, old energy from your body and opening yourself up to a new, vibrant, and attractive energy into your life. As you’re moving your body visualise yourself upgrading into the next phase of your life and directing your energy to where you want to go and who you want to be. I do this often on my walks. Feels liberating!

4. Mini Meditations
Take mini energy-lifting breaks throughout your day with a breathing exercise and meditate on your true identity. Try the 4-7-8 approach to breathing: you inhale through your nose to a count of four, hold for seven and exhale through your mouth to a count of eight. Do this as many times until you feel you’ve connected with peaceful energy, affirming God’s loving presence. You want to drop out of your head (driven by fear) and into your soul. Since thoughts activate a physiological response, think of something that makes you happy, and take a moment to put that thought, image, or memory in your heart to relax your entire body. Coming from this place of peace and relaxation, opens you up to connect with your spirit, ask for help to receive guidance, assistance and inspiration. When we are connected to our spiritual life, we truly know and feel that we are One and loved unconditionally by the Divine and therefore not alone in the world.

5. Petite Pauses
Break up your routine and let yourself experience some daily pleasure whatever that may be for you. Allow yourself to experience moments of joy and make the time to do it daily. Why is this important? Because when you enjoy a pleasurable experience, your stress levels (cortisol) drops which then can alter your microbiome and improve your gut, your energy levels and mood- boosting neurotransmitters (serotonin) go up, your metabolism and digestion function go up, and so basically your whole body works optimally, you feel better and your energy is magnetic. And the opposite is true; when life becomes mundane and feels like a burden, it’s easy for your energy to become stale and negative and you’ll just continue to create these kind of experiences. So what’s one way you could add more pleasure into your day?

6. Energetic Fill-up
Your energy usually fluctuates during the day depending on where you’re at with your thoughts, what you’ve eaten (or not eaten), difficult conversations you’ve had, sitting at your desk, hanging out with energy vampires, your sleep habits, what you’ve listened to and so on. If you feel flat, or depleted, try this little technique that you can use any time to fill yourself up and get back into your power: place you left hand over your belly and right hand behind your back (right opposite the belly). Imagine breathing in a golden light filling your entire belly and back. Stay here for a couple of minutes visualising this light and feeling the warmth over your hands and say, “I am one with the love of our Creator. I open myself up to the Divine flow of love and blessings all around me. As I choose love for myself , I radiate love, and receive more love and kindness from the world. Amen.” When you’re finished, rub both hands together like you’re trying to warm up and then shake them out to the side. You’ve now come back to that even balanced energy.

7. Add Appreciation
If you’re having one of those days where you feel moody, unappreciative or just off balance, look around you and see what you have to appreciate. Make a quick list (even in your head) of 5 things you appreciate and include yourself on that list. Sometimes you just need to make the choice that you want to feel better. Affirm that choice of appreciation as often as you can to expect the best or at least be grateful for what you have on that day so that you can experience a complete different day. When you allow days like these to continue for too long, this unappreciative energy builds up in your life force and you’ll only create more of the same. Blah.

8. Daily Non-Negotiable List
Write a daily non-negotiable list. This is a list of small things that you say you’re going to do every day, no matter what. Your list includes small actions that help you feel strong, powerful, confident, attractive, healthy, and energised. For example:

1. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning.
2. Have one good thought about myself & my life.
3. In the evening, read one page of some spiritual text.
4. At some point in the day, do neck stretches.
5. During lunch break, visualise my heart desires.

When you follow your daily non-negotiable list, you have a foundation. You’re covering the basic requirements for attractive life force—and some days, that’s all you can realistically do. And that’s okay!

Time is a vortex and unless you fill it intentionally with some of the things that will help you create great energy, it will be filled unintentionally with what doesn’t (ie. social media scrolling, comparing, jealousy, gossip, etc).

Every day we all need to work on our best lives and our best selves. And that’s going to look different to everyone.

It may also take some discipline to do more of what energises you, but it’s all about taking small steps every day which leads to big progress. Even if you do your daily non-negotiable list—and nothing else— you’re doing amazing!

I didn’t add nutrition onto the list because I’ve spoken enough about it on the blog. But clearly it’s important for good energy. However, since there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to eating, we can all agree that eating foods with more life force would benefit everyone’s energy.

So where in your life do you feel like you’re stuck and not making any progress? Is it in your relationships, career, health, spirituality, income, or personal growth? Why do you think this is?

Now, I don’t want you feeling overwhelmed by this post, so ask yourself this question: “What is the smallest and simplest step that I can do right now that will support my energy and give me the progress that I desire toward my goal?”


Feature image source: https://dribbble.com/awalujo