A morning practice for when you're feeling lost, stuck & unmotivated (that doesn't involve meditation)
I once heard Tony Robbins say, “If you don’t have 10mins a day to yourself then you don’t have a life.”
And I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, the first hour of your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.
Well, lately I noticed that my mornings have felt a little mundane and like a half-empty cup. Some days I’m able to jump out of bed with a bounce in my step and start doing things right away, and this works, but on other days when I’m feeling a little discouraged and uninspired, not so well.
So a few weeks ago, I found myself daydreaming of what my mornings would be like in my new home. (Currently my husband and I are looking for a home.)
My daydream went like this:
I wake up to our zen alarm clock slowly with a gradual light and a soft sound to a bird chirping; instead of my husbands loud beeping smartphone.
Still under the covers, I place one hand over my heart and the other over my stomach and I say good morning to God with a short prayer and show gratitude for the day ahead. (This is the only thing that I’ve consistently done for many years now.)
I head to my bathroom that feels like I’m in a 5 star hotel, brush my teeth, and then make my way to the lounge and do some stretching. Feeling flexible and lighter, I put the kettle on to make hot tea with lemon.
I settle into my dreamworld chair with my wildly comfortable and oh-so soft cozy chic knit throw and read my devotional. I get connected with my spiritual side instead of scrolling through social media and feeling frazzled and defeated.
Being connected to God first thing in the morning puts me into a peaceful place where I feel safe, confident within and divinely guided on my path.
After I’m spiritually connected, I move onto my mindset work, daily visualisation, and set my intentions for the day, which looks something like this:
– Sit with whatever is present and usually for most of us that’s our inner critic and fears. So do a brain dump and write down a rant about your worst-case scenarios and/or how crappy, stuck, and unmotivated you feel.
– Once all that crap is out of your way, team up with your “wise self” and a power greater than yourself and get intentional about how you want to show up for the day. For example, “Today, I am the type of woman who shows up in the world as optimistic, and confident. I invite the energy of unconditional love into myself and into my day, and ask how I can be of service. I embody a state of gratitude.”
– Then write out your ideal life AS IF you are living it right now. What do you want to come true? For example if you’re wanting a soulmate, “I am so excited that the man I’ve been praying for has walked into my life. We had our weekly date night tonight and saw the movie…” So you are writing it out like it’s already happened.
– Once you’ve written out your ideal life, visualise what it feels like to have your desires come true – get into those ‘feel good vibes.’
So to sum it all up, get the yucky thoughts out of your mind and onto paper, shift your beliefs around you not getting what you desire, then visualise what you do want, and make sure you’re not walking around saying, WHEN I GET THAT THEN I WILL BE HAPPY.
And instead look at:
Who you are BEING as a person and HOW you are showing up in the world and what you choose to BELIEVE to be true?
I used to think we needed the soulmate, house, career etc. first to feel a certain way; but discovered we have to FEEL that way first TO ATTRACT THESE THINGS.
Once my daydream was over, I thought, “Even though I’m not in our ideal home (yet) where I’ll have that quiet space to read & connect in my dreamworld chair, I can still light my luxurious candle and do the mindset work .”
And so I did.
I bought a new luxurious candle and a notebook and got started, again. And I absolutely love it because I don’t feel so all over the place during my day. I know where my focus is and have faith in where I’m going.
It’s incredible how a small change in your life without having to move to Paris, or turn into a nun (not that there’s anything wrong with doing those things), basically not having to do any kinds of extreme measures can make you feel inspired and uplifted with life again.
And I want to revel in this luxurious morning as much as I can before a tiny one arrives and has me plan out a complete different morning in a new way.
Now, the last thing I want to do is come across like my mornings are perfect (or going to be), every single day where you beat yourself up.
So, let me tell you: sometimes I not only fail to get up earlier because my body needed that extra hour of sleep but I forget that mindset work even exists. And some days I don’t set any intentions at all. 
I wanted to share this practice with you because it helps me when I do it, and that I aspire to do each day. And I aspire to not beat myself up or take life so seriously when I fail to do so.  
I would love to hear your morning daydream? And how you can create it to come true?
Even just a part of it. You can always build upon it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. You might just begin with a pretty notebook or a candle…

If you’re feeling a little lost, stuck, or unmotivated, challenge yourself for 30days to change how you feel by doing this morning practice and making it your own. 

See what happens.
Sending love…and inspiration to help you move through any challenges.