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I'm Irene.

I help women heal their limiting beliefs around self-worth because life and love becomes better.

I’m a credentialed Life Coach, Mind Detox Coach, Author, and Bioresonance Practitioner. Inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences, I realised my journey was my purpose.

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A few things to know

I can’t help but wonder: are we all just running from something? Long story short(ish)… from the picturesque beaches of Australia to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and the electric buzz of New York City, I’ve been on a quest. A quest for happiness, for love, for a version of myself I could finally embrace, but also, not settle with. Yet, I know deep down that I’m destined to become the woman I know I’m meant to be.

You see, I’ve always felt things deeply, too deeply perhaps. Bullied and bruised by words that cut deeper than any blade, I found myself trapped in a narrative of self-hate and low self-worth. As an empath, the world felt both too much and not enough all at once. I was chasing a dream, but I didn’t even know what that dream was…well, the longing of a soulmate.

Los Angeles promised me a fairy tale, a prince charming to sweep me off my feet and fill the voids I felt inside. But fairy tales, as I’ve come to learn, often have a darker side. Behind the glitz and glamour, I found myself entangled in a web of abuse, a reality that shattered the illusions I had clung to so desperately.

With the wedding bells ringing in the distance, I found the courage to (literally) run away, trading one coast for another. New York City welcomed me with open arms, but the reflection staring back at me remained unchanged. No matter how fast or how far I ran, I couldn’t escape the woman in the mirror or the scars of my past.

Relationships came and went, each one leaving its mark, each one a lesson in what not to do. Co-dependence became my shadow, self-judgment my constant companion. I was searching for validation in all the wrong places, throwing myself into the world with reckless abandon, hoping someone would see me, really see me, and tell me I was enough.

And then, as it often does, life threw me a curveball. My health faltered, my body rebelling against the years of neglect and self-destruction. Diagnosed with a laundry list of ailments, I hit rock bottom, a place I never thought I’d find myself.

But rock bottom has a funny way of teaching you things, of forcing you to confront the truths you’ve been avoiding. It was there, in the depths of my despair, that I found the strength to rise again. To embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and, most importantly, self-love.

My 8 Principles To Living a Self Love Junkie Life :

Learn the 8 Self Love Junkie Principles to help you create the foundation to becoming the woman you were meant to be and align to what you deeply want.

I had a turning point moment where I knew deep within my heart that there was something major I had to change and shift within me.

So, I made the decision to stop the search and commit to “dating me” instead.
And Self Love Junkie was born.

What did "dating me" look like?

It was a journey home, a return to my true self. I began by shedding limiting beliefs, healing old wounds, and processing emotions that had kept me stuck in survival mode for far too long.

I took the time to get to know myself again, to heal my nervous system, and along the way, I discovered the woman I had lost sight of. With newfound understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, I reconnected with a deep sense of worthiness, loveability, and deservingness.

Inspired by my own transformation, I felt called to share what I had learned with others. I found my passion for coaching, pursued certifications, and immersed myself in the world of healthy living. I became a student of relationships, health, emotions, trauma, neuroscience, and the intricate connections between them.

From this wealth of knowledge, I learned invaluable lessons about self-worth and ‘healthy’ relationships—both with myself and others. 

In the end (spoiler alert), I realized that the journey wasn’t about finding “the one” but healing the relationship with myself. Unprocessed wounds had clouded my sense of worth, making it challenging to live the life I truly desired.

I had to hit rock bottom to realize that what I—and perhaps you—needed most was massive self-compassion and validation. In a world filled with self-judgment and self-loathing, it’s hard to be who we want to be. I needed to come home to myself with wisdom and compassion, and that’s what made the journey truly worthwhile.

teaching women to step into their worth

Is another worthwhile journey. I find myself reflecting on the most rewarding part of this journey—watching women step into their worth, challenge their beliefs, and transform their self-perception. It’s like witnessing a metamorphosis, a beautiful unfolding of self-love and compassion that extends to every aspect of their lives.

The work I do with Self Love Junkie goes beyond mere affirmations. It’s about building a foundation, unraveling the root causes of emotional blocks, and addressing the mind, body, and soul to achieve lasting change and genuine happiness.

No matter the heartbreaks or soul-draining experiences, the past doesn’t define you or your life. It’s never too late to start anew; it all begins with a decision. We can’t label ourselves as failures because, in those moments, we’re doing the best we can with what we know. Our decisions and actions often stem from belief patterns and emotional responses that have become defaults in our brain and body—familiar yet unresolved trauma.

I share my story with you because I’ve walked in those shoes. I know the weight of feeling like a failure, the sting of feeling unworthy, and the burden of shame, regret, and self-hate. I know what it’s like to ruminate over the past, wishing for different outcomes. But I also know the power of perseverance and the strength to keep moving forwards towards what you deeply want.

That’s why I created Self Love Junkie—with love and support—to help you create new experiences and feel more loving towards yourself. Because when you heal the relationship with yourself, every aspect of your life transforms for the better. So here’s to new beginnings and embracing the journey of self-love. After all, isn’t that the greatest love story of all?

Irene Elias Testimonials

I can’t even begin to tell you how much working with you impacted me. It allowed me to have some good conversations that I didn’t realize I needed to have with my husband which allowed him to know me much better. I think what I took most from coaching with you is how much more aware I am of everything we discussed and what I need to do- thank you so much! In the few weeks since we spoke, I feel more confident, and I already see beautiful changes I’m making, and how they are impacting my life. You are truly a gift from God. Thank you!!
– Heidi 

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Ready to change the story about yourself?

Unfortunately, there are so many women out there who deal with unworthiness and don’t genuinely love who they are. This causes them to withdraw, play small, run away, shrink back, get paralyzed, get stuck, not reach their full potential, doubt themselves, people please, feel unlovable, not have healthy relationships and so much more! We’re talking women who are smart, beautiful, talented, loving, caring, honest, fun, supportive and ambitious! Everything this world needs more of! They just need reliable guidance and encouragement to change some things. They need someone who can speak and teach from experience. That’s where I come in.

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