How to stay positive when people around you are negative

What do you do when you’re feeling positive and happy but sometimes find it challenging to stay positive when faced with a rude or negative person, so much that you can’t seem to let go?

Well, no matter how positive you are, these types of scenarios are going to happen in life. And the misconception is, when you’re positive you’ll only attract positive people, no, not always.

There are those negative people that will sneak in sometimes and take you by surprise. I’ll give you one real life example;

When I was in NYC, I had just finished my energy healing training class and was heading to the subway to go home. I was feeling open, peaceful, happy and in my own feel good vibe, when out of nowhere I had this guy punch me in the stomach and kept walking. Yep. No idea who he was and why he did that but he acted like nothing happened. As I looked back at him in tears and in disbelief a lovely store clerk witnessed it all and invited me inside to catch my breath.

So where there is light you can also attract darkness. And so I’ve realised over the years that most (if not all) people are going through their own current (or aftermath) traumas.

Someone also wrote to me about this conductor woman on the train who was very rude to her. This person was left feeling hurt because of it and found it hard to stay positive when faced with a situation like this one and wanted to know how to get over it.

As difficult as it is during situations like these the only thing that we can do is to change the way we look at these people. So then does it make it okay for people to behave in a way that’s rude, hurtful or negative? Of course not.

But if we want to experience more peace and positivity in our life, the only way we can do this is to change our perception and attitude because we don’t have control over everything or how people behave. And so we have to change the way we view things and try to be the peace role model – and that sure is a big assignment for us all.

So how do we do this? Well, when we view someone as ‘negative’ what we are truly doing is judging that person. So we have to stop the judgement, which is hard when you’re the one that feels hurt but it’s a powerful way to get out of their cobweb.

Most of the time when you experience someone rude or nasty, it’s not really about you, so remind yourself to not take things personally because most of the time it’s never really about you. When you build healthy self-esteem not taking things personally becomes easier.

Try to not stay focused on the negatives of that person because you’ll find yourself complaining and then fall into the sandpit of negativity.

And since you want to remain in your positive bubble, if you’re in that state of negativity already and you want to climb back up the quickest way out of there is to… I’m going to say something that’ll probably make you want to fall off your chair or spill your coffee (or wine)… are you ready?

Get into alignment with gratitude. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it needs repeating because gratitude is the fastest way out of negativity and back onto the road of positivity.

So all you’ll say is “Thank you, God for the hidden lesson that lies within this situation and person which will only empower me and positively add onto my life that I may not see right now. But I trust that if I can change my attitude around this, I’ll be able to turn this around and have it work for me. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Just give it a go.

Even if it sounds crazy and you feel there’s no reason to be in gratitude for a situation like this because it makes no sense to the mind but it does to your soul because it’s a spiritual thing.

So just to sum it all up, release the judgement, don’t take it personally and get into alignment with gratitude.

I hope you found this to be helpful. Try it out, and feel free to let me know what happens!