How to stop comparing yourself to other women
Comparing yourself to other women is something we do during times of not feeling good enough. Whether that may be not feeling good enough with yourself and/or you feel your life does not measure up to the person you (secretly) feel jealous or envious toward.

Feeling this way is a very low energy vibe and therefore blocks us from achieving what we want and is the fast track to unhappiness.

When we compare ourselves we are coming from our false sense of self, which comes from fear, and a lack of belief in our own unique life path and qualities. You were designed specifically, and there is no coincidence to your make-up.

We’ve all come to this earth with a soul purpose to fulfill, and when we achieve this purpose we achieve happiness, and at the same time serve the world.

Whether for you that may be becoming an amazing mother, a baker, a model, a nurse, a makeup artist, a lawyer, a blogger, or whatever, the world needs you to keep your eyes on yourself to fulfill your life purpose, and in your own timing.

The other purpose we have to fulfill is to build our character – to become the best version of ourselves that we were designed to be.

Just because someone is prettier, skinnier, toner, smarter, has more money, ‘the’ relationship, or the dream career, doesn’t mean they don’t experience any suffering or challenges — everyone experiences their own insecurities. And the person you’re jealous of, you never know what they’ve had to endure to get to where they’re at today.

Use this experience of not feeling good enough to your advantage and see it as an opportunity to become intimate with yourself and uncover what you really want in your life, the qualities you want to build and how you can create happiness in your own world, and in this moment.

Use this feeling as positive fuel to inspire your life. Because let’s face it, life isn’t fun when you’re constantly comparing and feel like you’re not measuring up. It’s also draining & creating negative energy.

A part of your life purpose is to work towards finding that place within you of self-approval and being able to see your own value that doesn’t have to measure up to anyone else.

Whenever you feel like you’re starting to compare yourself, don’t push it under the covers, and please, don’t beat yourself up, it’s normal to feel this here and there, instead, use it as your sign that the universe is sending you messages that this person is your mirror to help you become aware that you, too, have unique qualities and a life that you can make the most of, if you really want to.

The issue is, you currently don’t believe you have great qualities, therefore, you don’t have the confidence to use them, and you feel helpless and stuck in your life and have created this illusion that this person is way better off than you for whatever reasons you’ve made up in your mind.

You were not meant to have the exact personality as the person you envy or their life – if that were the case, then the world wouldn’t be able to operate properly if everyone was ‘the same’ and had the same life path. And this is an insult to your soul.

Work on the beliefs that you can have and be what your heart desires. If “You can’t achieve that” voice comes into your mind, don’t agree to play with this mind game and replace it with an affirmation like this, (it may sound cheesy but it works):

I am a child of the light, and I embody the unique qualities and power to attract all that I desire, for the highest good. Everything comes to me in perfect ways and at the right time, for my unique path.

And you do the same process if you have beliefs that you’re not beautiful or pretty enough.

Since we are human beings, you may probably find yourself to keep comparing here and there, and that’s okay. The more you work on this the more you’ll let go of jealousy & comparison.

What’s not okay if you don’t do anything about it. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own feelings and energy and take the necessary action steps to make their life better and not place their negativity onto other people.

When you become aware as to when you compare, remind yourself that the goal is to keep your eyes on yourself so that you can build your qualities, become more emotionally free and achieve what you are here to fulfill, in your way.

Give to others what you most crave for yourself. If you want to succeed in your career, help another’s career to succeed. If you want love, give love. If you want recognition, give recognition to others; what goes around comes around – it’s an energetic law to live by.

The next time you feel jealous, Yoko Ono says, “Transform jealousy to admiration, and what you admire will become part of your life.”

A few key points to remember and practice:

1. Pick someone that you secretly feel jealousy and envy towards. Close your eyes, and place your hands over your heart, visualize them in your minds eye, and now wish them well and full of success, health, and happiness. This is shifting your mindset from a negative response to something more positive and also shifting your energy and opening your heart.

2. Keep reminding yourself to stay in your own beautiful lane. And when you acknowledge someone else’s potential you are then acknowledging your potential.

3. Keep a gratitude journal. Buy a cute moleskin and keep it in your bag and try to write in it daily about what you’re grateful for, what you love about your life, what you appreciate, and like about yourself, and choose a positive affirmation/mantra to say daily. Think about why you’re unhappy and take control of it.

Over time all these things that you do will make a big difference.

What are you going to do today to stop the comparison game and start being happy in this moment? Share below & let’s encourage each other!