My self-love website and the various social media channels I’ve set up are like inviting you to my house, so I’ve had to establish some rules for people wanting to enter.

I created my site and am active on social media, not to discuss all the reasons I formed my beliefs; I know my reasons and have no intention of asking you or anyone else to change your beliefs to agree with mine.

I don’t push religion. I use my spiritual experience that serves what I’m teaching. Having said that, I am a Christian. I dabbled in new age, however, I went back to my core beliefs and Truth in my faith through the holy trinity – God, Jesus Christ, holy spirit. And I’ve had the most impactful positive results. I respect all paths to love. I need you to know, there’s no judgement from me regardless of what you believe. And I can only suggest you follow what works for you in your life.

You are welcomed here.

Just read what I have to say and if it resonates, then you’re in the right place. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. You can still be here at have your own spiritual view but like my work. What is most important to me is to provide everyone with a “safe” place to explore their own beliefs on achieving personal success and women’s empowerment plus a safe place to candidly express themselves.

I seek to create a wonderful sanctuary where women from all walks of life feel “at home” discussing their feelings, desires in life, and even what they fear most. We all have our vulnerabilities and need a warm place to come where we won’t be judged, criticised or evaluated.

This page belongs to me and I invite you to join me if you feel connected. If you don’t like my writings or are opposed to my ideas, the Internet is replete with many other sites that may be a better fit for you. I’ll send you off with my full blessing.

If you have a thought or opinion in opposition to mine that you’re passionate about, you can easily start a blog of your own. What you may think of me, my work or what I write is of no concern to me. We are all entitled to express ourselves however we like as long as it hurts no one else.

Any comments or activity that detracts from the safe environment I have worked so hard to create will be deleted and whoever made them will be banned.

The world offers unlimited experiences to each and every one of us. You can choose what and whom you would like to have and not have in your life. There is no need for any of us to tolerate anything or anyone that detracts from our highest expression.