Isn't it time To Get Over Your Insecurities And On With Self Love?

You’re in a season of growth and want to learn how to
love yourself. You’re also no longer wanting to put up with
mediocrity from yourself (and relationships).
You just want to feel good enough to do what you
know will be right for you.

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You also know that loving yourself is important and a step in the right direction but you don’t know how to start. You're riddled with negative thoughts that won't go away and you just feel stuck.

20 things I would tell my 25-year old self about love and life

You’re definitely not alone. I, was someone who had reached a point where I knew that I needed to change something major because I was so unhappy, would make choices that I would regret later and my love life read like a bad soap opera.

I even ran across the globe to escape my inner pain, but wherever I went there ‘it’ was. I would discover that at the root of a lot of my issues was a deep seated feeling of being unworthy. I had NO idea this was an issue, but it ended up leading me onto the path of self love which was life changing. (Not the self love kind you’re thinking about.)

There is a better life for you just up ahead. I’m telling you this because I want you to see what’s possible.

And I'm going to show you how. Ready?


SELF LOVE JUNKIE: A starter Guide to Loving Yourself & Your life for a Happier you

This became a bestselling book in Emotional Self Help on Amazon Kindle. Inside the book, I reveal eight principles that can begin to transform your life. You’ll find the courage to connect the dots and discover your beliefs and behaviours that have limited your self-worth and love of self. You’ll understand yourself more, judge yourself less, and move beyond disappointments rather than replay and repeat them. You also get a FREE bonus book; the Playbook! You get access to extra tools and tips to help you get to know yourself better, build healthier relationships and feel more confident with who you are.

What’s inside the ebook?

Chapter 1: Spiritual

Dial the SSS Code. Using this code will help you tap into your intuition and learn to trust yourself again. 

Chapter 2: empowered

The steps you need to take to leave the past in the past. Turn your hurts and disappointments into breakthroughs.

Chapter 3: loving

Learn how to give yourself the love that you seek from others. And discover the secret to finding love, and staying in love.

Chapter 4: fit

Overcome your own body image issues. Change your perception on how you view your body and be inspired to use it for your life purpose.

Chapter 5: leader

How following in the footsteps of others can lead to unhappiness. Learn to live your life based on the voice of your soul rather than the voices of others.

Chapter 6: optimistic

The power to bust your beliefs and remove old patterns around how you feel about yourself so you can attract the type of love and life you deserve.

Chapter 7: visionary

The ‘Movie Method’ to create powerful visions of who you want to be, where you want to be, and how you want to feel. Rewriting your personal story will unlock a more confident version of you.

Chapter 8: expressive

What happens when you express your true feelings and emotions to others. Learn how to speak up for yourself, communicate better and feel more empowered. Start to let go of people pleasing. 

Every chapter ends with a practical call to action to motivate you to put into practice what you've learned so you can experience positive shifts in your life.

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Ready to discover how you lost yourself
and your ability to love yourself?

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“This book was amazing. It’s so eye opening and has helped me realize things about myself that I didn’t know before. I Def recommend.” – LaToya

Hey, I'm Irene

A Master Coach, Author, Speaker & Self Love Expert. I help women worldwide boost their self-esteem, recognise their self-worth and finally become happier with who they are and experience greater love.

I’m no stranger to a broken heart or self-judgment. Born in Australia I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams and hoped to be saved by my Prince Charming. What seemed like a Hollywood fairy-tale romance turned out to be my worst nightmare. My quest to find Mr. Right and live my happily ever after, led me onto the path of self-love where I discovered true love and happiness.

I trust this book will be the beginning to making a positive shift in your life.


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It’s obviously worth a lot more but I want everyone to have access to this eBook. I don’t want money to interfere with people’s healing and transformation. And this book is the best place to start if coaching with me is not an option for you right now. (However, the price of the book might increase in the near future.) 

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“What I love about Irene is that she’s right there with you as you process your behaviour and step into the feeling of what real love is about! Finally there’s a book that guides you while being packed with honest and insightful perspectives and gives you tools to become more loving to yourself. She highlights where it all wrong so you can get to the root of your problems in order to have more self-compassion. This is a must read if you’re struggling with yourself whether it be from a romantic relationship, or you want to learn how to truly love yourself.” – Jeanny R.

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