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Are you looking for more love, happiness and a boost in self-esteem and self-worth? When I first put out the Self Love Junkie message, many women from all over the world resonated with my message and wanted to know how to:

Love yourself completely – mind, body & spirit
Build self-esteem & self-worth
Get out of toxic relationships/marriages
Find love
Heal after a breakup
 Quit the yo-yo dieting
Stop the self-hate
Quiet the negative voices/thoughts
Overcome fears
Create lasting change
Be happier

After my own personal experiences with hitting rock bottom in all areas of my life, (you can learn more about me here) I created this website especially for women who finally want to feel better about themselves & their love life.

To help you get started on your Self Love Junkie journey, here are 3 quick and perfect ways to start:

1. Read my popular book – it reached #1 bestseller in Emotional Self Help on Amazon Kindle! You can grab it here for only $7: Self Love Junkie: A Starter Guide to Loving Yourself and Your Life For a Happier You

2. A valuable lesson I learned on the personal growth path is that you have to do something EVERYDAY to see some changes. So I created a Fast-Tracked Self Love Boost including a Daily Checklist & a Meditation you can grab for free here: Fast-Tracked Self Love Boost

3.  Binge on the Life + Love articles. Here is a list of posts to get you started.

4. Join the Self Love Junkie Facebook page. I write daily inspirational messages + quotes. Come and say “Hi” and connect with an amazing community of Self Love Junkies. If you’re a shameless social media lover, you can also join me on Instagram   Pinterest

I look forward to getting to know you!


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