Invite your fears to tea, for they are there to help you recognize your potential. – Irene Elias

It’s impossible to walk through life fearless & without obstacles. We will always experience fear and obstacles for as long as we’re living here on earth as human beings. And it’s not a matter of trying to get rid of our fears or obstacles, the idea is to learn to look deeper and see how we can work with them in our favor.


When you make that commitment to awakening to your personal growth, you may find that as you go along your life’s journey fears and obstacles will greet you. This does not mean that you’re doing anything wrong, you’re being punished, or that you’ve been cursed – what it means is that all is there for your spiritual growth, it’s all part of the growing process. If you are learning and growing, then everything is right about you.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup or still long broken, you may feel like your happiness has reached a standstill. No relationship is perfect, however, if a relationship is meant to be then it will flow and naturally grow. If a relationship is not meant to be then you’ll experience confusion, lots of drama, and struggle to stay together — the universe is trying to redirect you to something better.

Try these 11 tips to help you get over your ex.

Are you in the midst of an obstacle and feel like you’ve done something wrong? Maybe you feel angry at the universe, God, or yourself? You have no understanding as to why this is happening to you. Discover the hidden message(s) behind your obstacles and learn how to cultivate self-love instead of self-hate during difficult times.

You’ve made ‘mistakes’ in the past & wish you’d chosen the other direction. You are now faced with some decisions in your life and scared you’ll make more mistakes. How can you trust yourself?