Self Love Junkie

“You don’t need to wait until everything is perfect to love yourself… Love begins within the mess. And this is how Self Love Junkie was created…within the mess of my life.” Irene Elias

What is Self Love Junkie about?

The bigger mission of Self Love Junkie is to help women feel beautiful and confident with who they are, and know their worth instead of looking to men (or relationships) for validation. It’s to find the peace & happiness within themselves so they can experience greater Love & experience healthier relationships & live a joy-filled life.

It was a time when I reached rock bottom in all areas of my life where I received the Self Love Junkie message and it was broken down into an acronym consisting of 8 principles. I started to act on these principles & slowly my life began to uplift in ways I never imagined. (I continue to act on these principles.)

The 8 Principles of a Self Love Junkie

Spiritual: She connects daily with something greater than herself and knows she’s always divinely guided.
Empowered: She learns and heals from her past and uses her wisdom to make new empowering choices.
Loving: She is dedicated to loving herself and having healthy relationships.
Fit: She takes good care of her health and uses her body to fulfill her life purpose.
Leader: She lives her life based on the voice of her soul rather than the voices of others.
Optimistic: She uses the power of her mind to beautify her thoughts and make her life more beautiful.
Visionary: She believes in her vision and goes after her dreams.
Expressive: She expresses her feelings and emotions and feels confident in her own skin.

The Benefits of Being a Self Love Junkie

Your entire life – especially your love life is transformed when you’re strengthened & nourished by your own self-love & belief in your self-worth. 

Can’t wait to take that first step toward your self-love journey?

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The Self Love Junkie Manifesto:
She may love quickly, get messy, fall over and be beautifully imperfect.
But she lives from the depth of her soul and is on this
Self-love adventure where it’s not all roses.
She is living not just breathing.
She wants to be inspired.
She wants a little guidance.
She has a desire to love deeply and live joyfully.
She is the Self Love Junkie.
This is especially for her.