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Hello! Thank you for grabbing the book, Self Love Junkie: A Starter Guide to Loving Yourself & Your Life For a Happier You.

As you know by now, Self-love is not a destination, it’s not an end goal, it’s a process, a practice – there’s no “getting there.”

Sometimes, you’ll feel that you’re not making any progress or “getting better” and most of the time it’s your negative self-talk that’s getting in the way.

The Playbook is offered as a companion guide to the Self Love Junkie book to be a reminder that whenever you have these “I’m not getting any better” days or you get caught up with the busyness of life that you forget to check-in with how you’re feeling, you give yourself some self-compassion along the way.

You can come to this Playbook knowing that you have the tools to bring yourself back to your self-love practice and focus more on being an observer of self without judgment.

In this complimentary Playbook, you’ll also find more material that will help support you in knowing who you are, tools for being more compassionate and less self-critical, and raising your self-love vibe every day.

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