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  • My {new} Favourite Tool For Supporting Your Desires

    my (new) tool for supporting your dreams

    Lately I’ve been in a state of heightened alert with the words that come out of my mouth. I believe it’s because currently in this season of my life there’s so much transition. And so I’ve had to rely on a strong healthy mindset and high energy levels to accomplish what I need and want […]


  • How To Leave Old Relationships In The Past

    Most of us have had failed relationships, but relationships are only a failure if we don’t learn from them. If you can extract the lessons from each partner then you are more of a success than a failure and well on your way to a healthier & happier relationship. When you don’t do your spiritual […]


  • 22 Things You Can Do To Uplift Your Life

    22 things you can do for a happier and healthier life

    The reality is your life is not always going to be filled with confetti and champagne – you will still have days of despair and unhappiness. Those things are still going to come, that does not mean you are not in a space of loving yourself either. It just means that currently, for whatever reason, […]