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Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients have breakthroughs and step into the woman they were destined to be and have a fulfilling life.

Irene Elias testimonial

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed about your life, Irene can help. She’ll guide you in becoming aware of the negative voices that are holding you back, and help you to realign your thinking and energy so you can go after your dreams without the anxiety. I trusted her completely and walked away feeling empowered and focused on what my next steps are. If you’re looking for happiness and self-confidence, Irene is your woman!

If you’re feeling lost and uncertain about your life, working with Irene is the best decision you could make. After coaching with her, I understand myself better than ever before. I’m now happier and more confident in myself, and now with a guy that I adore. Her Self Love Junkie approach has been life changing for me – thank you, Irene!

Irene testimonial
Irene testimonial

Working with Irene has been life-changing. Her guidance and coaching helped me to see that my goals were always getting in the way of my life because I wasn’t in flow with them – I was holding onto things that kept me from moving forward. I’ve been able to let go of those things and move forward in a more authentic way. Her guidance was invaluable, and the tools she shared were so impactful and helpful! I understand now that, nothing is a coincidence, and what stood out for me was how safe I felt working with her. If I asked myself 10 years ago how I wanted to feel now, “safe” would not even cross my mind. But now, safe is one of my top priorities, and it’s all thanks to Irene’s guidance. She’s amazing, open, mindful, and freakin magical! Thank you, Irene!

Since working with Irene, I have found that it is a lot easier for me to put myself first. This was something that was difficult for me before, but now I am motivated to reach my goals and take care of myself. It feels amazing to finally be taking care of myself and reaching my goals, thanks to Irene!

Irene testimonial

Do you feel stuck?

We all have moments in life when we feel stuck, blocked, or struggle to take action. It doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with us. It just means…we are human. Let’s talk about what you desire, how you want to feel in your life, what’s stopping you from having what you want, and how to clear those obstructions out of the way. 


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