when is it going to happen?

Do you feel like there’s a huge gap between where you are now, and the destination you wish to arrive at? The relationship still hasn’t happened even though you’ve done the healing. Your health is still troubling you despite your daily efforts. You’ve invested in your personal growth but still don’t feel good enough and struggle to love yourself.

So you’re left wondering what on earth are you supposed to do? Is it impatience? Is it more healing? Is it more learning? You just don’t know. All you do want to know is, when is it going to happen??

Well, there are multiple answers to this good question.

Firstly, you are definitely not alone in feeling this way. Wondering when your desires are going to happen especially when you think you’re doing all the right things can be really disheartening and frustrating.

Also, your desires coming true have nothing to do with ‘fairness’ that the outside world goes by for example, it’s not because that other person is better than you that she/he has got what they wanted. It has more to do with the intentions, desires, willingness, choice, and spiritual shifts that happen from the inside.

*Sometimes it simply means you’re still in the process of shifting even though you are still in your old results.*

Here are 5 key points to keep in mind when you feel impatient that I hope will help:

1. A lot of what you desire is tied up with deservingness. Everything that shows up in your life (including relationships) are a match to the thoughts you’re having about yourself and about life. Do you really feel that you’re worthy of a loving relationship instead of a toxic relationship? Do you feel worthy of great health? Do you feel worthy of being financially independent? Do you feel worthy of loving yourself? Are you at that place where you are open and willing to receive everything that your heart desires? 

2. You have free will to choose. Sometimes your own fears, doubts, and beliefs might be interfering. Get brutally honest with yourself. Are you getting anything out of your victim story? Maybe you do need more healing? And how much action have you taken? When we are shifting patterns we have to go through some emotional processing and letting go but then we reach a point where we have to apply real life action to solidify what we’ve learned and intellectually know in our mind. This is so we can rewire new neural pathways in the brain in order to get different results. For example, if you are working on attracting a healthy relationship, you are deliberately living life with a heart full of love, and each morning for 10-20mins you are doing your relationship visualisation exercise which is helping you build new energy that will ultimately attract partners that will come come closer to your vision than that you’ve experienced.

3. Believe what is possible. We make ourselves right about what we believe. We believe what we believe, and because we believe it it comes true. No one questions their beliefs. Then we validate our experience with our beliefs and believe our beliefs. The more you notice of what isn’t happening in your life the more things will not happen for you. Sometimes it feels that you won’t get what you want because you’ve put yourself in a place where you use your past and current situation as evidence of someone who doesn’t and won’t get what they want. Those are just patterns of thoughts based on your experiences and habits. But you can change this pattern by shifting your focus onto what is possible. Start noticing of what IS working in your life. Play the game of practicing to see what good is happening in your life. For one week, genuinely write down all the good things (big or small) that have happened. You start to build up consciousness as a person where good things happen to you. When you start thinking that all is possible and good things happen to you, after a while your energy starts to shift and you build the muscles on the little things and overtime the big things have a way of showing up and usually in miraculous way. Which brings me to the 4th point.

4. There’s a thing called Divine timing. No matter how much healing work we do or apply all the right things, we still do not have 100% control over our lives. Too often we want things now but there’s a divine order that orchestrates our life events. Many people want good things to happen in their life, but they don’t want to go through the waiting process. You might feel ready, but trust that there’s a good reason why it hasn’t showed up yet.

5. It’s all a spiritual assignment. I believe everything in our life will always have us come back to our spiritual growth. Instead of asking, “When is this going to happen?” Ask, “What am I learning at this time in my life for my spiritual health?” Perhaps it’s teaching you patience and trust? Perhaps you are being led in another direction? Perhaps it’s helping you strengthen your spiritual practice? Perhaps it’s an invitation to become more spiritual so that you can experience more calm and joy?

Whatever it is, in the meantime, try to find or create moments in your life that you love and deeply feel grateful for. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come and stop focusing on all you’ve yet to become and achieve. God makes things happen at exactly the right time. Your job is not to figure out the when, but to focus your mind on believing what is possible and trusting the process.

I hope you found this to be helpful. If you would like further coaching, I offer powerful single sessions. So much can be achieved in my 60mins single session – you’re provided with intuitive insight and a game plan to help you get centred and take the first step toward a happier you and a good dose of self-confidence in who you are and where you’re headed.

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